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My Marvelous Studying in China

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I am a Pakistan and my Chinese name is Guan You. I came to study in Northwest A&F University in 2016for my doctorate degree tutored by Professor Zan Linsen. In 2019, Iwas awarded the A&F Presidential Scholarship and nominated for the selection of national outstanding international students in China.

Before my visit to China, I worked as a lecturer in the Department of Livestock Management, Breeding and Genetics of Peshawar Agricultural University in Pakistan. Studying in China actualizedthe dream in my life and brought me quite a lot of achievements in scientific research. Research atmosphere are something that fancied me in A&F, especially that in my laboratory, where there underwent efficient division, coordination and cooperation andthe weekly presentation of latest research and exchange at the project meeting are very helpful to me. My present focus of research is on TORC2 gene and its regulation of fat cells in Qinchuan cattle. During my study in A&F, I published a total of 24 SCI papers, with 11of which as the first author and the highest single IFof 4.183. At the 5th International Symposium on Beef Cattle Breeding Improvement and Industrial Development in China, I delivered a speech at the conference as a summary and review of my past academic pursuit and kind of honor and trust endowed by my tutor and team.

I had a good luck in my life. In the year 2016 when I was working in Pakistan, one of my friend recommended A&Fand I applied for its PhD seat at a try. The moment I received the offer  is the happiest time in my life, and my dream finally came true. I am very grateful to the Chinese government forfunding my studies.

The early days after I arrivedin China, language for communication was the biggest challenge. Due to the unique features of Chinese characters, people generally agree that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. However for me, each character displays a beautiful and attractive calligraphy. My Chinese teacher told me in class that most Chinese characters bear the graphical meaning of objects. Chinese, with four tones, are pleasant to ears and sound like sweet musical lyrics, which further added my interest in learning this language. I fully acquired the importance of learning Chinese well since China is increasinglyaffecting the global economy and the establishment of the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”,  under the"Belt and Road" initiative is key content of pragmatic cooperation between China and Pakistan in jointly building the "Community of shared future". All these reinforced my motivation to study Chinese hard. I focused on lectures carefully in class, completed homework on time after class, made Chinese friends, actively participated in extracurricular activities and Chinese cultural practice activities. After studying in China for one year, I successfully passed the HSK Level 4 test and can manage simple and basic communication with Chinese people.


A Chinese classical saying guides us to"think big, act small" and I keep this as my doctrine of ideas and action. I filled my daily schedule from getting-up early, running, breakfast, and the daily work. I really like the official work schedule in China, early to bed and early to rise, and two hours’ rest at noon.Another saying of "one inch of time is one inch of gold, while an inch of gold can never buy an inch of time" tells me that time is more important than money and teaches me to cherish time and cherish life. I believe even returning Pakistan after graduation, I will manage to maintain these sound habits.

After coming to China, some habits, like drinking hot water, add on my lifestyle. I had been drinking cold water before, but after drinking hot water in China, my health conditions changed amazingly , I no longer have to take medicines to treat throat infections. The same thing happened when drinking Chinese green tea, all these made me deeply aware of the great impact of life habits on physical health.

I have been in China for four years and have traveled to many places in these four years. Chineseeverywhere are very warm and friendly to foreigners, especially Pakistanis. During my study in China, I was deeply impressed by popular Chinese qualities like the commitment, hospitality, love of peace, cultural esteem, unity and cooperation, and respect for others. I rememberedduring a cultural tour to the Muslim Street in Xi'an, we need to go to the mosque at the moment. The Chinese teacher fully respected our Muslim customs and patiently waited for us to finish the worship and then continued to visit. Another experience is my re-applying for a SIM card. As there are some restrictions on the telecommunications business office to foreignerswhich are not completely understood by me, I was very anxious so I called the junior school-sister for help.Shearrived andsolved the problem quickly, and I was very moved when I knewshe still came to help regardless of her own illness.

From the second year of 2017,I brought my wife and 3 sons to China in the summer holiday. At that time, the oldest of the three babies was only 4 and the youngest less than 1 year old. Studying and caringfor my family really loaded me with both hardship and joys. Heremy children learned to play football, cricket and badminton and the days of my studyin A&F are also the happiest childhood memories for my children.

As is mentioned, I had a big luck to come to A&F, while unfortunately, I also experienced the most regretful things in my life in the years when I am studying in China. In the past years, my parents in Pakistan died of cancerconsecutively and I failed to join their last moments. My brother often comforted me to set into study and return Pakistan on time. The experience of A&F studying enhance my perception of the value of family and the pricelessness of time,and inspired me to continuously develop my full potential. I now proudly claim that the four years’ studying in Chinahas been the most productive, innovative and successful life by far and everyof my achievement is a sincere prayer and good wish to my deceased parents.

Following the plan, I will graduate and return Pakistan in July next year. As a teacher and researcherof the Peshawar Agricultural University in Pakistan, I will share all I have learned in China to Pakistani students frankly and I hope that some of my students willstudy in Chinaone day. Equally important, I will dedicate myself into science and technology exchange between China and Pakistan, cooperate with Professor Zan Linsen and his the team, undertake international cooperation research in buffalo genetic breeding, and jointly contribute wisdom and strength to the "Belt and Road" construction.