Canon EOS 7D DSLR Firmware Update



Firmware updates:

Canon EOS 7D Version 2.0.5

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Error With Images In The Blog

If you have been paying attention lately, there are a number of images missing from my blog. Most of the images was linked from facebook. Apparently facebook is upgrading their servers again. So images linked from those affected servers would not show up anymore. I would have to go into the post one by one to update those images. I am not going to do that. This is the second time my blog affected from linking back to facebook. I will upload those images in my website and link them into the pages. But this will take some time. Thank you for your patience.

Canon DSLR Firmware Update



Firmware updates:

Canon EOS 7D Version 2.0.3

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Canon EOS 7D – ISO vs Noise

If you need to raise the ISO, Canon EOS 7D has a unique pattern of ISO vs Noise. It is said that:

160 is as clean as to 100
320 is as clean as to 200
640 is as clean as to 400
1250 is as clean as to 800

But avoid ISO 125, 250, 500, 1000 as they present the most noise.. This is because how the sensor use voltage regulator for the sensitivity of the light sensitive elements. The native value for the sensor power start at ISO80.. to make the sensitivity of ISO100 the designer raise not the power but the resistance.. they have to raise the level of resistance again to get ISO125.. thus giving more noise.. but when they want to achieve ISO 160, they just double the power and remove resistance.. resulting in an image with less noise than ISO125.. for ISO 200 they increase resistance 1 notch and for ISO250 they raise the resistance another level.. but at ISO320 they just raise power without resistance.. the balance between double of power and increase of resistance make ISO 160 about the same noise to signal ratio to ISO 100.. and ISO 320 about the same noise to signal ratio to ISO 200..

You can refer to the test result here..

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.2

New Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Version 4.2 is available for download. Click on the Lighroom logo on the left to go to the download page.

  • Added Album Support within the Revel Publish Service
  • Additional camera support for 23 new cameras including the Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i, Fujifilm X-E1, and Sony DSC-RX100
  • Corrections for issues introduced in previous versions of Lightroom

Shutter Count

Every time the sensor is exposed it is consider 1 shutter count. It doesn’t matter what the shutter was opening for (photo or video). Camera Shutter has maximum count. The count is actually average value tested for the specific shutter model being used. If you look at the specification of the camera and you will notice that somewhere it would say Max Shutter Count 180K. In cheaper camera the number will be less and in higher specification camera it would be higher. Generally if you are professional and your livelihood depend on the camera you would change the shutter when it reach about 10 percent of max count. If you are just an enthusiast and can wait for the camera to be serviced you can just use it until it dies and then change the shutter. Some pro have multiple camera of same model so that they can prepare for the worst.

If your shutter dies (happened to me before) the image will be overexposed at first few frames (shutter getting slow) and then they just turn white (shutter stuck at open position) or black (shutter stuck at closed position). If your turn the camera off and on again, the camera would say Error 30 and you cannot use the camera anymore until you get the shutter changed. The cost of changing the shutter would be about 10-15 percent of your camera price depending on the model.

Wind of Change

You probably have already experienced some of the changes that I have decided to bring to AbZahriDotCom. I have been thinking about this for quiet some time now and finally decided to take the plunge. So to keep it short here are the ever growing list of things that will change in the future:

  • Built-in Gallery – I am going to ditch flickr, facebook, tumbler, and twitter as my online library storage. What I already have there will remain in their respective locations. But I might decide to bring them down in the future. So, from now on you can enjoy my gallery from within this website. Just click the link “Gallery” from the menu above or here. What I have planned for this gallery is going to blow your mind. You probably have experience Pinterest. It will have similar characteristic to Pinterest and much more.
  • A Better e-commerce/e-stor – So that I can sell thing over the Internet.
  • A fresh new look – Just want to have something new.
  • Higher Interactivity – From AbZahriDotCom you are going to be able to do all sort of things to interact with the information. You can share it, you can comment or facebook like and much more. It will all depend of popularity of the sharing medium. Nevertheless it will be tighter integration.
  • Auto export from lightroom to my gallery at AbZahriDotCom – It started to get really hard to keep track of the photos that I have and have not posted. I finally have a way to do it automatically from one place to the other. The best part it will automatically available in the gallery without me having to link it manually. Hopefully more time to shoot and less time managing and uploading.

That is about it for now. If I decided to put it more new stuffs I will update this post to include them in the list. Come and visit me.

Natural Light – Draft


Previously I posted a photo I took with natural lighting.

  1. Characteristics of Light.
  2. How to optimize different lighting conditions.
  3. Observe light.
  4. Experimenting.
  5. Exposing to-the-right.

This post is to remind me that I need to blog about tips shooting with natural light. I will elaborate this post later when I have more content.

Patience Paid Off

In photography, patience is really a virtue. The followings photos are of a little girl, next door neighbor’s daughter. It was a boring weekend so I took the family to Hulu Langat, Eco Park. It was really nice there. As we was having a good time with nature, Elayna (the girl’s name) was having a fun time of her own. She normally have this intense look in her eyes and very rarely smile in the presence of other people (according to the parents).  She was busy picking up stones and throwing them in the water to watch it splash, when I sneak up on her. I just sit ankle deep in water and started shooting. I didn’t pause shooting to look at my screen I just kept on shooting as she busy herself with that ever it was interesting to her. For a brief moment she stop what ever she was doing and look at me. Then magically she smiled. This is a gem for me and the parents.

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Natural Light Photography

When you had worked in a studio and used strobes, it is very easy always rely on them in your photography. Sometimes you would feel how would you live without them. Recently I sold all my speedlite in order to upgrade to the new model 600RT. During the whole time I survived without speedlite I don’t really feel to shoot anything but. And when I had to use the money that I have saved for the speedlites that I wanted for other things I felt really down and thinking when would I be able to shoot again. Then when my photography group, EOS DSLR Malaysia (EDM) organized an event I was not sure I should join or not. But in the end I one of my friend convince me to join and discuss business proposition and reluctantly I drag myself over.

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